Having a well serviced and maintained server and network infrastructure could go a long way to improve the efficiency of an institutions workforce.

Server maintenance requires a network administrator to conduct preventive maintenance. We provide seasoned network administrators that review the server's performance as well as any potential security risks and backup protocols at regular intervals. As part of this, he or she typically ensures that automated system monitoring utilities are installed and appropriately configured.

Our server and network maintenance plans comprise of:

  • Updating firewall operating system
  • Checking server log files
  • Applying necessary service packs and updates
  • Checking hard disk space
  • Checking core file and folder permission
  • Checking complete security
  • Checking application functionality
  • Checking redundancy
  • Recommending necessary software and hardware upgrades
  • Check backups and more.

Our Networking Services include:

  • Small and Medium Scale Networking for your Business
  • Large Scale Networking for your Business
  • Networking of Academic and Learning Environments
  • Local Area Network Provisions
  • Wide Area Networks for Small Cities and Towns

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