We at Bitsfield understand our clients. And we understand the need for business expansion; reaching out to a greater majority of customers. A great percentage of people use mobile phones and there may be the need for your business to reach out to them (the mobile users). Bitsfield is here for you. With Bitsfield Mobile Development packages, we are able to automate your business, be it consumer retail outlet, a hotel, a media institution, a beauty/fashion company, or an entertainment (music and movie) company and reach out to a greater majority of customers for you through their mobile devices.

We develop off-the-chart applications either as installation packages or back end services for your business.

Our applications are so robust that they run on most mobile platforms (BB, Android, iOS, Symbian, Meego, Java, etc) with ease.

For applications that don’t require only local consumption, Bitsfield Advertising unit will help you launch your application in mobile application stores (Google Play, BB App World, iStore, Ovi Store, etc) and help you reach out to a greater number of customers.

Our mobile Application Packages support almost all hand held devices (phones, iPod, iPad, and tablet) and also support touch-screen devices and button-powered devices. They are fluid that they easily adjust in size when uploaded to a device of a different screen size.

With award winning technologies (that run seamlessly with Apache Cordova), Bitsfield is able to develop for you, mobile applications that are almost the same in all platforms in both user interface (UI) and functionality so that a customer or a user of your application that migrates from one platform (BB) to another (Android) will still be familiar with the user interface of your application and the services they provide.

Contact Us today for an opportunity to benefit from the mobile application development packages we have to offer.