Our IT professionals are involved in proposing, architecting, managing, developing, integrating, implementing, testing, maintaining, and supervising the integration of middleware solutions/projects on any technology/product be it TIBCO, Oracle Fusion, IBM WebSphere, Microsoft BizTalk Server, SAP NetWeaver or any other.

Middleware software integrates various software systems and/or components and is typically used to improve information technology workflows, simplify complex application interactions in a distributed environment, and in general to facilitate interoperability amongst applications.

When several separate software systems are being utilized but cannot easily interact, it creates inefficiencies which can generally only be solved in one of three ways: developing a new, comprehensive software application which replaces all the separate systems, modifying the existing applications with a library of functions which must be customized for each application, or integrating the existing applications with a middleware solution that uses a common library of functions. Building Middleware Integrations to such systems is simpler, easier, and cheaper for your Business.

Bitsfield is at the fore-front of middleware systems development and deployment with well known, acceptable and international standards of middleware application development.

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