Biometric system of identification has over the years become a very effective, efficient, and unique way of identification. This is because it makes use of specific biological traits that are unique and peculiar to an individual. It is usually difficult to mutilate a biometric data once captured.

Bitsfield is in the fore-front of biometric solutions and services. With over three (3) Biometric packages, we develop and implement state-of-the-art biometric systems that are of international standards for your businesses or organisations and provide you with 24/7 support services all through the way. We understand that there may be so many reasons for which a business, a company, or an organisation may require biometric services and Bitsfield is ready to see it through. We develop and deploy Biometric systems that can be used for time and attendance for a company or an organisation, fraud management and ghost worker elimination, identity management, or just for head count purposes.

Our Biometric packages which come in two variants (Desktop and Web application) can be used for all kinds of biometric fingerprint projects and services.

We are proud of the features our biometric fingerprint systems have which include

  • A very fast fingerprint data acquisition protocol.
  • A very low false acceptance and false rejection ratios
  • Capable of performing one-to-one (1–1), one-to-many (1–N), many-to-many (N–N) scans to check for duplicate data or registration.
  • Capable of generating all kinds of reports based on the fingerprint data acquired
  • Can be used for ID card generation.

Bitsfield Biometric fingerprint software packages are very user-friendly; they are very easy to use by the persons performing the biometric data capture exercises, and minimize inconveniences to the persons being registered. Our biometric packages stand out among their contemporaries.

Contact us today for a chance to benefit from the numerous advantages our biometric systems have to offer.