School administration and management could be an overwhelming task at some point. This why we are glad to showcase our groundbreaking solution that will save you time and above all impress your learner's parents.

Bitsfield SIMS is the perfect solution for schools with exceptional requirements. It is designed for schools that require the most in flexibility.

Bitsfield SIMS is ideal for any educational institution who wants to run a seamless comprehensive package to take care of all current processes.

Bitsfield SIMS has impressive features that make it stand out amongst the crowd. These features inculdes a suite of software covering all parts of a schools' administration, from behaviour and achievement, planning curriculum and lesson structures, fees management, educational learning plans, data sharing between peers, managing registration and admissions, print impressive progress reports for your parents and get detailed learner profiles with the press of a button and providing teachers, parents and pupils access to all this information over the internet through a webpage.

Reduce your workload TODAY and save lots of time and money by handing your entire school administration and management over to Bitsfield SIMS.

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