ATS® is a transcript processing management system for higher institutions. Developed by experienced developers and engineers with the guidance of seasoned professionals in the education sector, especially in the higher institutions, ATS®, has been successfully proven to automate the transcript processing process of higher institutions. No matter the kind of program offered, be it OND, HND, Degree, Masters, or Ph.D, nor the kinds of certificate offered (B.Sc, B.Arts, B.Eng, MBBS, B.Pharm etc), ATS® is there to meet your needs. Because we understand that there are different programs and certificates offered by different institutions, we have made ATS® easily customizable, configured to meet the needs of your institution seamlessly.

With an easy to use mapping console, it is easy to map courses to programs and programs to institutions, to better suit the kind of courses and programs offered in the school. Also programmed with many Transcript templates, the Transcript template of your institution can easily be incorporated into ATS®. Or if you wish for the transcript template of your institution to be changed, we have a set of wonderfully designed templates that you can choose from.

Running on the award-winning Bitsfield's Xelix® framework, ATS® boasts of a very secure and easy payment integration platform for the payment of Transcripts by Alumni.

ATS® has been proven to work well with Colleges of Education, Monotechnics, Polytechnics, and Universities.

Once deployed for your institution, our team of support staff will always be there through the data entry process up to actual functioning of the application.

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