Biometric Authentication has become a well-established method of authentication and authorization. The Bitsfield’s Biometric system; BioAuth is built to enable advanced biometric finger print data processing and management functionality in an enterprise service environment.

Fingerprint Recognition Technology has many security applications in real world. It can be used in

  • Web Page Security
  • Government ghost workers elimination scheme
  • Tertiary institutions of learning planning to eliminate examination malpractice
  • Employee Recognition Systems
  • Time and Attendance Systems
  • Voting Solutions

BioAuth’s fingerprint identification technology is empowered by a unique matching algorithm that uses ridge counts and the relationship between minutiae. This enables us to provide the lowest false accept and false reject rates (FAR and FRR) - with the fastest database search for identification.


  • Positive Identification (PID)
  • Less false acceptance and false rejection ratios 
  • Advanced processing for fingerprint capture and matching
  • Fast matching techniques
  • Seamless interface to live scan units

Bitsfield  biometric capturing processes are optimized to minimize inconvenience to persons being enrolled and any disruptions to their regular work related activities. A typical biometric data acquisition takes about 3 minutes per individual.

Bitsfield urges you to buy into our biometric services today and we would ensure to deliver maximum value. 

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