Bitsfield ARMS (Academic Records Management System)

BITSFIELD ARMS is a full fledged academic records management platform specially designed to serve the processing, administration, dispatching and storage of students' academic records in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions. The ARMS is designed based on state of the art web application development technological with security, functionality and usability being the primary focus.


BioAuth Biometric Data Capture

Biometric Authentication has become a well-established method of authentication and authorization. The Bitsfield’s Biometric system; BioAuth is built to enable advanced biometric finger print data processing and management functionality in an enterprise service environment


Xelix ATS (Academic Transcript System)

ATS® is a transcript processing management system for higher institutions. Developed by experienced developers and engineers with the guidance of seasoned professionals in the education sector, especially in the higher institutions, ATS®, has been successfully proven to automate the transcript processing process of higher institutions. No matter the kind of program offered, be it OND, HND, Degree, Masters, or Ph.D, nor the kinds of certificate offered (B.Sc, B.Arts, B.Eng, MBBS, B.Pharm etc), ATS® is there to meet your needs. Because we understand that there are different programs and certificates offered by different institutions, we have made ATS® easily customizable, configured to meet the needs of your institution seamlessly.


Xelix-SIMS (School Information Management Systems)

School administration and management could be an overwhelming task at some point. This why we are glad to showcase our groundbreaking solution that will save you time and above all impress your learner's parents.


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