Who We Are
Founded in 2012 and incorporated in 2013 (RC 1096375), Bitsfield Technologies is an IT solutions, Outsourcing and Consulting company that delivers ground breaking IT solutions to the needs of the African continent.
We build applications software and middleware solutions targeted at large scale businesses, Small and Medium scale businesses (SMEs), institutions, and government in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
Bitsfield Technologies has adopted world class standards of software development and has successfully developed and deployed IT solutions to Education, health, public and Agricultural sectors of the country.
We ensure that the solutions we provide conform to industry standards, adopting world class techniques and lifecycle processes in providing solutions to best meet the needs of your businesses.
We are very much concerned with adding tangible values to your business and take your business to the next level.
What We Do
We are proud of the applications and solutions we have been able to provide. From an easily customizable Point of Sale Service (POS) – to better automate the sales department of your business, to Secondary Schools and University Management Systems – to better and easier automate the information management system, result processing, payment system, and general operation of the school system. Our school management package (primary, secondary and tertiary schools management platforms) have been successfully tested and proven to very efficiently automate the school operation processes, targeting critical areas like school fee payment fraud, Result Management, Class and form teacher grouping and Mapping (for secondary schools).
We are also proud to develop a world class Biometric fingerprint capture and Identification system (that comes in two packages – Desktop (Standalone) and web based) with fast fingerprint matching algorithm and facial detection and recognition protocol to help you fight fraud in your institution.
Our University Transcript Management system has been developed with ground breaking techniques conforming to industry standards of software development process and is there to help you automate the Transcript processing process of your institution in the most standard way possible. With provisions for all kinds of programs offered in the higher institutions (from OND to Ph.D), and all kinds of certificate (from B.Arts, to MBBS), Xelix® Automated Transcript System (ATS®) is easily configured to best suit the kind of degree and certificate offered in your institution.
How We Do It
Our strengths lie in our developers and Engineers who with their experience in the IT industry can really think outside the box in providing the best solutions for our customers.
With core experiences in Java, C++, PHP, and Mobile App Development Technologies, Bitsfield is able and capable to deliver ground breaking solutions, be it Desktop (Standalone), Web Application, or Mobile Applications for our clients.
In Bitsfield, we believe in satisfying our clients beyond their expectations, helping them grow their businesses, because we believe that when our clients grow, we grow as well. Therefore we strive to put smiles on the faces of our customers by developing applications that best grow their businesses and constantly interacting with them through our technical support department for progress reports. We are always with you, all the step of the way.
Contact Us today and benefit from the wonderful packages we have to offer for your industry, business, or institution.
For developers who wish to join us, you are highly welcome. We are always open to fresh minds and innovations. Visit the Careers page for more information.

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